Sod Care

The concept of sod is simple enough–replace old grass with new, healthy rolls of grass already rooted in fertile soil.  Once you have completed your soil preparation, placed and received your order, and installed the sod onto your lot, here are some tips about how to protect your investment and get the most out of your new sod.

  • Water all of your sod within 30 minutes of installation until it is thoroughly soaked.  This first watering is critical to the overall performance of your sod for years to come, and must be done even if you haven’t laid all of your sod.
  • For the first 14 days, water the new sod three to four times daily, and focus most of your watering efforts early in the morning to correspond with the daily start of the natural grass growing cycle.  You will also lose less water than you would during the heat of the day, thus keeping the sod nice and moist into the evening.
  • After 14-21 days of steady watering, the roots should have developed sufficiently enough to prevent being pulled from the soil.  This means that you can reduce watering from three times daily to once daily.  After 30 days have passed, you can safely water your sod three times per week.
  • Once 30 days have passed, you can confidently mow your lawn as you normally would.

Watering Chart

Weeks 1&2: Water three to four times daily for 10-15 minutes

Week 3: Water once daily for 10-15 minutes

Week 4: Water three times weekly, or follow your city’s watering schedule


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